Illegal Street Racing & Corruption?!

Many people were caught driving illegally around Los Venturas, racing up and down the streets before it quickly escalated into a shootout between some sort of gang and a citizen alone. It all started where a Senior Lead Officer from the Los Santos Police Department decided to support the race by allowing them to drive illegally around the city.

On the 13th of October, San Andreas News Network received a few calls about street cruisers around Los Venturas. As soon as San Andreas News Network rolled up we saw there was around 8 white cars and a Senior Lead Officer from the Los Santos Police Department on a High Speed Unit bike, the NRG-500. San Andreas News Network decided to promote the cruising around Los Venturas thinking it was just a general drive around where then a member from the Police Department decided to support them with racing by allowing them to drive on the wrong side of the road, driving illegally and even a shootout towards the end.

So, the Senior Lead Officer from Los Santos Police Department was driving a High Speed Unit bike patrolling when he is not allowed to. The Officer was using his megaphone to encourage the race as well as starting it by counting down the race on his megaphone. At this time San Andreas News Network were recording the situation live from the back of the News Vehicle where then they saw the race about to begin, the Officer counted down; 3, 2, 1 when then at this time, there was 2 vehicles in the wrong lane of the highway and around 5 cars in the other lane on the correct side, the vehicle then drove around 200km/h down the straight but as they did this everyone was being rammed and pitted by each other leaving serious damage to each others vehicles, which then lead to calling a mechanic.

Further down the street near the end of the strip, a biker rolled up beginning to shout at everyone who crashed and was racing. Then a Cadet from the Los Santos Police Department hopped out of a vehicle as he then placed on his bag saying the following quotes to the biker, abusing his powers:

You are going to jail.

Do you want to go to jail?

I will arrest you.

The biker then hopped off the bike after pulling a shotgun as he then shot someone straight in the stomach when then the other criminals racing rolled up and shot the bikers head straight off and at this time the High Speed Unit just drove off heading towards Los Santos ditching the situation, leaving it into everyone else’s arms and life’s.

San Andreas News Department at this decided to go speak to the Assistant Chief of Police to speak about this situation when then all the evidence was handed in, the Assistant Chief of Police decided along with the Staff Sergeant to remove the division ‘High Speed Unit’ from the Senior Lead Officer and demote him from Senior Lead Officer to Police Officer I due to this disgusting attitude.


Article Credit: (Website): Aaron Banks
Article Credit: (Forum): Aaron Banks
Broadcast Credit: Aaron Banks & James Jonhatan
Edited By: Aaron Banks
Thanks To: Tyson Walker, Retex Waltmen

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