Corruption & Brutality – Brian Waltmen Statement

After days of so called investigation, Brian Waltmen, Chief of Police was ready to give a statement on the dismissal of Samantha Gray, Senior Lead Officer.

Speaking to Brian Waltmen was a bit surreal as he did not seem to have any notion of the incident even though it was spoke about on SAN News.
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When asked about the Officer in question, Mr Waltmen appeared to have no idea who the person was,  despite her leaving the Los Santos Police Department, a few days ago.

Joseph Gouldie I says:So Mr. Waltmen, recently Samantha Gray has left the LSPD, any comment?
Brian Waltmen says:Who is Samantha Gray?”

Continuing on from that point, it became apparent that the Los Santos Police Department had not investigated any further into the matter and were happy to leave it as it was, despite the officer in question brutally attacked an innocent civilian on the street; there has been no further action.

Brian Waltmen says: “But, as the officer apparently resigned, its no longer of our concern.

Mr. Waltmen explained to me that his position does not give him the time to fully investigate claims of brutality or corruption within his departments, however he is briefed on situations. However, conveniently he was never briefed on this situation.

Brian Waltmen says: “I am briefed on situations, but If it requires my attention I obviously look into it.

Joseph Gouldie I says: “You say you were briefed on the situation, let you didn’t know the officers name, any comment?
Brian Waltmen says: “I was not briefed on this particular situation”

It began to frustrate me that Mr Waltmen has no idea what was happening within his own Police Department, I wanted to investigate his role as a member of our local Police Department for my final question, his reply:

Brian Waltmen says: I do find myself occasionally patrolling as it gives me a break from the office”

To come to a close, from what I gathered from our talk with the Chief of Police is that he was never notified on a major violation of human rights and is more than happy to let his underlings take care of this messy situation for him.

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Article Credit: (Website): Joseph Gouldie I
Article Credit: (Forum): Joseph Gouldie I
Broadcast Credit: Aaron Masters II
Edited By: Aaron Masters II & Joseph Gouldie I
Thanks To: Brian Waltmen

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