Chief of Police stepped down?!

After many years within the Police Force, Chief of Police Brian Waltmen decides to back down from Chief of Police within Los Santos Police Department. We spoke to Brian Waltmen live from Los Santos Police Department; we also spoke to a few other members of the Police Department and they had so many nice things to say about Brian Waltmen and his past within the Police Department.

So San Andreas News Department was called to the Los Santos Police Department for a urgent press interview. We first interviewed Brian Waltmen about his past within the Police Department and let him have the microphone and speak his mind. Brian Waltmen said he has served within the department for over three years, making his way from Student to Chief of Police. Brian Waltmen said he’s “saved many lives” and has done his best to “keep the city safe“. Mr. Waltmen then went on to talk about how changing of ranks will be most preferred within the city’s interest.

A moment of silence took place, as everyone gasped wanting to know what this sudden ‘roll call/meeting’ was, when Brian Waltmen then said the following words “On my own behalf, I will be stepping down as Chief of Police but I will still continue to serve our city, and all it’s great citizens.”

Brian Waltmen then looked at Assistant Chief of Police Nancy McBeth, when he said “I announce my successor, Captain Nancy McBeth” when then everyone looked at Nancy McBeth thinking ‘New Chief?’. Nancy looked at Brian Waltmen, when he said “I feel she has done most productive work within the recent months, and I feel like she deserved the position.

At this point we all knew there was a new Chief of Police and to happily take the role as Chief of Police was ex-Captain Nancy McBeth. Chief of Police Nancy McBeth was shocked at this point when she walked up onto the Microphone podium and said a few words. She looked at Brian Waltmen slowly tearing up a little saying “I’d like to thank Chief Waltmen, he has been an amazing support through the journey climbing up the Police Departments ladder.”

The major question was, will the new Chief of Police do as good as much as Brian Waltmen did and as much well as he did his job as Chief Of Police?

Well, we asked her a few questions just to get her head going a little…

We asked the New Chief of Police Nancy McBeth the big question:

Can you give us a brief sentence or so on how you’re going to improve Los Santos Police Department.

Nancy McBeth answered:

I plan on improving our department from it’s bottom.That means trainings will be held more often, more professional with bigger standards. Studies will be enforced towards the students, which includes our beloved Force Matrix. Officers will be sent to training every half a year to remind them why are they here. Besides that, officers will be given a chance to join any of the divisions, with available trainings for all.

We asked the new Chief of Police Nancy McBeth:

Since the last report San Andreas News did on the Police Department, on the Bicycle accident, corrupt and everything else we’ve reported, I’ve seen improvement within the Police Department.

Nancy McBeth answered:

As a new Chief of Police, I’d like to exterminate the rest of the corruption and law breakers. I am aware of the situation in LSPD, and have been working really hard lately to improve it. Corruption was mentioned by many, many people including citizens and officers. It’s something that -cannot- be a part of our department. I ensure that Los Santos Police Department will be cleaned out of corruption. Therefore, I also call all citizens to report any abusive or corrupted officers as so they see one.

Going back to Brian Waltmen who has ran Los Santos Police Department for around three years, we asked his Department if they had anything to say about him before he proceeded to hand over his role as Chief of Police

Sergeant Samantha Gray stood up, taking the microphone.

I have nothing to say but.. At this moment we can’t really do anything but remember all the great work and achievements of ex Chief of Police Brian Waltman. A great loss as he’s stepping out. He’s still young after all, forty five.. However.. We have a new Chief of Police.. A really veteran.. LSPD will not change but to the better.. Thank you all , I wish nothing but the best to best for Brian Waltmen , and good luck to Nancy McBeth.

Lieutenant Retex Waltmen raised his hand and wished to give a speech about Brian Waltmen and their past experiences.

Hello, First of all, I want to congratulate our new chief, Nancy McBeth, hopefully, She does a better job than our previous Chief of Police, no offence. I’m not saying Brian Waltmen was bad, he was a great Chief when it come to the Police Department, he taught me a lot, and I  always looked up to him. It’s just at the end, we kind of all fell apart slowly. However, I hope the best in the future for the best Chief Of Police of all time, Brian Waltmen

Here at San Andreas News Department we wish Nancy McBeth all the best within the Police Department and unfortunately are upset to see Brian Waltmen remove his role as Chief of Police but apparently it was for the best and we respect that.

Article Credit: (Website): Aaron Banks
Article Credit: (Forum): Aaron Banks
Broadcast Credit: Aaron Banks
Edited By: Aaron Banks
Thanks To: Nancy McBeth, Brian Waltmen, Retex Waltmen, Samantha Gray

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