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A nice, modern bar in Montgomery


Our Vice President of Network Peter McTroy visited the Lansky Bar in montgomery.  ”We deliver drinks and we are open 24/7”

13.01.2017 our Vice President of Network visited the new, modern bar in Montgomery.  I am pretty sure most of you have heard about the bar in Montgomery called ”Lansky Bar”. So our Vice President decided to go and see what kind of bar is it.

When i entered the bar the first thing i heard was the nice and smooth EDM music. From that moment i had some kind of dancing vibe in me. The bar itself is very beautiful and modern. You cant see trash there on the ground, you cant see old ugly furniture there and the bartenders there are really nice.

The drinks there are really nice. I bought a shot of vodka, it was vodka like vodka but something there was different, something made me feel really good and i realized it was the music. There was a good and friendly aura in the bar.

And one coolest thing about this bar is the ”Alcohol delivery”. Yes, they deliver alcohol, which is pretty nice if you have some party and you run out of booze then you dont have to worry about it because they will deliver the drinks to your location. All you need to do is just  call 646-882.

Anyways the bar itself was really nice and i will definitely visit again. So if you guys want to visit the bar then its in Montgomery behind the pizza stack.